"VOX POPULI VOX DEI" Suara Rakyat adalah Suara Tuhan.
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Prof. Fachri Bey, Ph.D. and Mr. Heru Susetyo, S.H., M.Sc., LL.M., Ph.D. inaugurated as committee member of Victim Support Asia (VSA) for Indonesia. They inaugurated for implement the second VSA conference in Indonesia. Victim Support Asia was held an International Conference in Seoul, South Korea. This International Conference was held from 25th March until 26th March 2019....
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The Uniqueness of Bikun Coffee FHUI Since April 2016, in the campus of Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia (FHUI) Depok, there is a unique coffee shop using a retired UI Yellow Bus (popular by name as BIKUN). The unique coffee shop named Bikun Coffee was initiated by an alumni and two students of FHUI, namely...
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Humas FH UI