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The Uniqueness of Bikun Coffee FHUI

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The Uniqueness of Bikun Coffee FHUI

Since April 2016, in the campus of Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia (FHUI) Depok, there is a unique coffee shop using a retired UI Yellow Bus (popular by name as BIKUN). The unique coffee shop named Bikun Coffee was initiated by an alumni and two students of FHUI, namely Abdul Rachmat Ariwidjaya (Class of 2010), Putri Sukma Mandiri (Class of 2011), and Rizky Touristy (Class of 2012). Putri said that their business is targeting consumers from students, lecturers, until FHUI employees. The uniqueness of Bikun Coffee itself comes from the concept it offers, namely Archipelago. With such a concept, this coffee shop provides coffee from Sabang to Merauke. From Aceh Coffee to coffee from the Baliem Valley, Papua can be found here.

With the concept of semi outdoor under the shade of trees, Bikun Coffee is a simple but comfortable hangout spot, which is very attractive to young people, so that it makes them feel at home sitting while chatting casually or while doing the homeworks.

The idea of using the ex BIKUN bus came when Abdul Rachmat Ariwidjaya (Ari), one of the founders of this venture, passed in front of UI Student Dormitory, UI Depok Campus. He noticed that there was a BIKUN parked for so long, neglected and no longer operated. Immediately Ari got the idea to use the ex BIKUN bus as a medium of his business. This concept has never existed in UI before. Long story short, thanks to his creative ideas, Ari managed to turn the scrap into something valuable. Interestingly again, BIKUN is the first BIKUN Ul ever which was operated inside UI Depok Campus for student and lecturer transportation facilities. BIKUN was first used in 1988 when UI Depok Campus was just official to be operated.

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