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“Public Review the Bill of Auction” Seminar

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DSC_4711-300x200Seminar of “Public Review the Bill of Auction” that took places in Balai Sidang room, in Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia, Wednesday, 2019, March 27. The speakers are Dr. Dian Puji Nugraha Simatupang, S.H., M.H. (expert of public finance law) and Dr. Edmon Makarim, S.Kom., S.H., LL.M. (expert of cyber law).

Auction has long been known in public as one of the medium of buying and selling goods. It is not known since when, auction used as the medium of buying and selling goods. Auction comes to Indonesia along with the arrival of the dutch nation through a selling company that called Vereenigde Oost indische Compagnie (VOC) at 1750. At that time, the function of auction is to sell and buy tea commodity, where the system is still being use on tea auction in London.


The aim of this activity is

  1. To obtain input and opinion from academics about the bills of auction which is being compiled.
  2. To obtain input towards the study which scientifically can be accounted for related to the good auction of literature review, regulatory studies and the results of data collection in the field as the basic material for formulating regulations, provide direction and set the scope for the preparation of the Tender Bill as mandated by Law Number 12 of 2011 concerning the Establishment of Legislation.
  3. Knowing the responses of the academics society towards implementation of new regulations about auction.
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