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Adaro Group Legal Services Internship Program

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Jumat, 14 Maret 2014

Who are we?

adaroAdaro Energy (“Adaro”) is an Indonesian vertically integrated energy group focused on integrated coal mining through its subsidiaries. In addition to our core mining subsidiary, Adaro Indonesia, we own and operate subsidiaries along the entire length of our coal supply chain, from pit to port to power, including mining services, barging, ship loading, dredging, port services, marketing and power generation.

Adaro Group Legal Services (“AGLS”) is a Directorate in Adaro handling all legal matters relating to the strategic and operational activities of the group. The Directorate consists of more than 35 personnel working in Jakarta, Singapore and various site offices.

What are we looking for?

Adaro Group Legal Services are looking for potential candidates from the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia. We are seeking candidates who have excelled academically, are enthusiastic, have a strong commitment and good work ethic to join the Adaro Group Legal Services Internship Program (“Adaro IP”). The successful applicants will work as interns in Adaro for at least 3 (three) months.

How to join Adaro IP?

If you are an FHUI student in your 6th-8th semester OR are currently writing your thesis OR have just recently graduated, with a GPA of 3.00 (out of 4.00), please send us your application letter together with:

  • Short resume/ CV, mentioning your major (program kekhususan) and the title (or proposed title) of your thesis;
  • Letter of Recommendation from the faculty of law (surat pengantar dari FHUI); and
  • Academic Transcript.

The application must be submitted electronically to AdaroIP@ptadaro.com at the latest by 4 April 2014 no later than 17.00 WIB. Only qualified applicants will be invited to participate in the selection process.

Why should you join?

  • Real-life working experience in a productive and interesting corporate environment of a publicly-listed blue chip group;
  • Taste of working in an in-house legal directorate with a law firm-like setting, dealing with various fields of law;
  • Put (and further develop) your theories into real practice, in a combined legal research and lawyering environment;
  • Find and develop a topic for your thesis with close assistance from Adaro’s practicing lawyers; and
  • Create the opportunity to be employed as a full-time lawyer in Adaro.

Indra Purnamawanta FHUI ’90
“Adaro is a sophisticated coal mining and energy group of companies. It has the largest single-site coal mine in the southern hemisphere, more than sixty subsidiaries and thousands of employees, which create integrated from-pit-to-port-to-power operations and activities which involve so many legal aspects. Those are more than enough reasons to practice your legal knowledge and learn more in Adaro. In fact, Adaro is more involved than a law firm.”

Erwin Sundoro FHUI ’95
“Working as Legal in Adaro is different in a good way. We work in a law firm environment rather than a regular in-house environment. As a matter of fact, it is beyond a law firm. You are dealing with the real deal, rather than just following your client’s instructions.”

Anna Marthin Marpaung FHUI ’98
“Adaro is a group of companies engaged in coal mining and power generation and everything in between, with tons of knowledge, because of the diversity of business activities, Adaro provides wide opportunities to apply legal knowledge into various business sectors related to natural resources.”

Danny M. Hafid FHUI ’04
“Being part of Adaro, especially in the Adaro Group Legal Services, is a valuable experience. Each person on the team is expected not only to be an expert in their field, but also to be proficient in the related business aspects of the transaction. We are trained to be multi-talented lawyers.”

Rio Panggabumi FHUI ’07
“Getting work experience in the largest publicly listed integrated coal mining group in Indonesia is an extremely valuable experience. The knowledge obtained is not only related to mining law issues, but also the field of environment, forestry, marine transportation, electricity and many more.”

Ray A. Singgih FHUI ’07
“Adaro Group Legal Services should be regarded as a “first class” training ground for one who wishes to become a good lawyer.”

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