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Summer Course Program Indonesian Law and Its Application: Unity in Diversity

Did you know that multiple legal system can coexist within a single jurisdiction? This is what happen in Indonesia, a largest nation in ASEAN with population more than 250  millions. As the 3rd largest economy in ASEAN, Indonesia is also rich in legal culture with having multiple legal system applies within it, for examples continental European system, Islamic sharia law, and adat/customary law.

The applicability of these three systems in Indonesia makes it as a one-stop strategic place to learn those three legal systems at once.

Eager to study these exciting legal systems in one go?

Experience it along with the Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia (FHUI) Summer Course 2024 Program. With this year theme of “Indonesian Law and Its Application: Unity in Diversity.” The course will highlight the applicability, harmony, and challenges of the said legal systems to be applied within one jurisdiction.

The course will also address the Indonesian experience in managing of the diverse adat and village communities. Thus, discussing about Indonesian experience in tailoring a balance and sustainable environmental development to meet the diverse stakeholder in Indonesia, such as adat communities, domestic authorities, Indonesian societies, and its relation to law and government.

Not only an in-class learning, the program will also consist of visits to prestigious state institutions and heritage sites within two cities, Jakarta and Solo. The state institutions that will be visited are the Supreme Court and Constitutional Court in Jakarta, also the still existing Kadipatèn Mangkunegaran in Solo. The visit aims for the participant to not only learning things it in class, but also experience it through their all senses empirically.

Students will also experience the vast cultural heritage of Indonesia outside the field of law by watching Ramayana ballet performance in Prambanan Temple Court, visiting the Pura Mangkunegaran Palace, and the batik artist village.

This program consists of general course and thematic courses. General course consists of introduction to Indonesian legal systems, introduction to Indonesian judicial systems, Indonesian contract law, tort law in Indonesia, Indonesian criminal law, and Indonesian constitutional law. For thematic courses consist of Islamic law, environmental law, and general elections and village law in Indonesia. Students may select one of the thematic courses topic.

Course Benefit:

  • Study at Indonesia's Number #1 ranked university for Law and Legal Sciences, as recognized by QS and THE Rankings.
  • Direct access to esteemed state institutions such as the Supreme Court, Constitutional Court, and Kadipatèn Mangkunegaran.
  • Expand and connect to invaluable connections within our vibrant academic community. Gain connections within Indonesian law and other international participants that could leads to future cooperation and opportunities.
  • Experience a glimpse of Indonesian ethnic culture through visits to several cultural heritage.

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Limited quota, only 20 selected students.

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  • Registration: April 1 – June 30, 2024
  • Announcement: July 3, 2024
  • Payment: July 3-7, 2024
  • Course: July 22-28, 2024


Depok – Jakarta – Solo

Cost: USD 550

The Cost Includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Domestic airfare Jakarta-Solo (return)
  • Breakfast, lunch, snack and beverages during program
  • Ticket for Ramayana ballet performance in Prambanan Temple Court and banquet

The Cost Excludes:

  • Visa
  • International airfare to Indonesia
  • Travel insurance
  • Overweight baggage in domestic flights

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