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Short Course on Transnational Crime in Collaboration with Charles Darwin University

The Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia (FHUI) in collaboration with Charles Darwin University has held a Short Course on “Transnational Organized Crime” on 30 January-11 February 2023

The two-week study programs has become a great benefit to students from Charles Darwin University. The Program has exposed them to new ideas, perspectives and friendships, and hopefully has laid the foundation for continuing personal and professional relationships between students from both countries.

During this program, participating students have received in-class lectures and went on excursions to see legal practice in Indonesia relating to Transnational Organized Crime. They have visited several Government Institutions, such as the office of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNODC, Asean Secretariat, District and Religious Courts, the  Indonesian Financial Intelligence Unit (PPATK RI), National Police Headquarters (Mabes POLRI), Indonesian Attorney General Office. In addition, students will take excursions to learn about Indonesian culture.

At the end of the Couse, students made a paper about Transnational Organized Crime with information obtained from the institutional visits and presented it in front of assessors from Universitas Indonesia and Charles Darwin University, of which the assessment team consisted of:

  1. David Price
  2. Arie Afriansyah, S.H., M.I.L., Ph.D
  3. Hadi Rahmat Purnama, S.H., LL.M.
  4. Heru Susetyo, S.H., LL.M., M.Si. Ph.D


  1. Togi Marolop Pradana Pangaribuan, S.H., LL.M.
  2. Aristo M. A. Pangaribuan, S.H., LL.M., Ph.D.
  3. Sisilia Setiawati Halimi, S.S., M.A., Ph.D.

Insitutions and Speakers:

  1. Baiq Halikiyah, S.Ag. M.H. (Head of the Depok Religious Court)
  2. Andi Julia Cakrawala, S.H., M.T., M.H. (Vice Head of The Depok District Court)
  3. Tudiono, S.H., M.PP. (Director of Central Authority and International Law of The Ministry of Law and Human Rights)
  4. Kartika Handaruningrum (Director of Inter-Commission and Agency Network Development of the Corruption Eradication Commission)
  5. Souvenir Yustianto (Head of the Sub Directorate of Transnational Crime of the Directorate General of Customs of the Ministry of Finance)
  6. Irene Kuntjoro (Senior Officer of Security Cooperation of The ASEAN Secretariat)
  7. Police Chief Commissioner IGN Agung Suandika (Head of the Protocol Section of the International Relations Division of the Indonesian National Police)
  8. Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK-RI)
  9. Silvia Desty Rosalina (Head of the National Asset Recovery Division of the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic of Indonesia)
  10. Purnomo Ahmad Chandra (Director of Political and Security Law and Treaties of the Director General of Law and Treaties of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  11. (Coast Guard) Suharsono, S.H. (Associate Expert Legal Counselor of the Indonesian Coast Guard)

Courses Offered :

  1. Introduction to Bahasa Indonesia and Culture
  2. Introduction to Indonesian Legal and Judicial System
  3. Introduction to Indonesian Criminal Law
  4. Visit Trip to The Depok Religious Court
  5. Visit Trip to The Depok District Court
  6. Lecture on Human Trafficking and People Smuggling by UNODC
  7. Lecture on Human Trafficking and People Smuggling by Indonesian Migrant Care
  8. Visit Trip to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights
  9. Visit Trip to the Corruption Eradication Commission
  10. Cultural Day to Indonesia Miniature Park
  11. Visit Trip to the Directorate General of Customs and Excise
  12. Visit Trip to the ASEAN Secretariat
  13. Visit Trip to the Indonesian Police Headquarters
  14. Visit Trip to the Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center
  15. Visit Trip to the Attorney General’s Office
  16. Visit Trip: Ministry of Foreign Affairs: International
  17. Visit Trip to the Indonesian Coast Guard
  18. Cultural Day: Batik