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Implementation of SDGs 16 at FHUI

16.2. University governance measures

16.2.1. Elected representation
Have elected representation on the university’s highest governing body from: students (both undergraduate and graduate), faculty, and staff (non-faculty employees).

16.2.2. Students’ union
Recognise an independent students’ union
Union provides governance input to university
Union provides support for students
Union provides social activities

16.2.3. Identify and engage with local stakeholders
Have written policies and procedures to identify local stakeholders external to the university and engage with them

16.2.4. Participatory bodies for stakeholder engagement
Have an existence of participatory bodies to recognize and engage local stakeholders, including local residents, local government, local private, local civil society representatives

16.2.5. University principles on corruption and bribery
Publish the university’s principles and commitments on organized crime, corruption & bribery

16.2.6. Academic freedom policy
Have a policy on supporting academic freedom (freedom to choose areas of research and to speak and teach publicly about the area of their research). Academic freedom is at the heart of the Academy. Here we are looking to ensure that academic freedom covers both teaching and research, and that it applies equally to junior as well as senior (for example Tenured) academics.

Research freedom for senior academics
Research freedom for junior academics
Teaching freedom for senior academics
Teaching freedom for junior academics

16.2.7. Publish financial data
Publish university financial data

16.3. Working with government

Provide expert advice to government
Provide specific expert advice to local, regional or national government (for example through policy guidance, participation in committees, provision of evidence).

Institutions that collaborate with the Legal Clinic Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia

No. Institution Program
1. Consumer Dispute Settlement Agency DKI Jakarta Student Internship
2. Religious Court of Depok Legal Services Program at the Depok Religious Court (Student Internship)
3. National Consumer Protection Agency Student Internship
4. Akara Perempuan Student Internship
5. LBH APIK Student Internship
6. DLA Piper Legal Skill Training
7. Universitas Pancasila Assistance in Establishing Legal Clinic Universitas Pancasila
8. Faculty of Law, University of Malaya Student Exchange
9. The Asia Foundation, Djokosoetono Research Center, dan Pengabdian masyarakat FHUI Module Development for Strengthening Gender Perspectives and Capacity for Handling Sexual Violence for Paralegals
10. Indonesia Center for Environmental Law Internship Program
11. Center for Sustainable Ocean Policy Internship Program
12. PPS-LKBH Internship Program
13. District Court of Depok Legal Services Program at the Depok District Court (Student Internship)
14. Indonesian Banking Alternative Dispute Settlement Institutions Internship Program
15. Inobu Internship Program
16. Diet Kantong Plastik Internship Program
17. Indonesia Ocean Justice Initiative Internship Program
18. Madani Berkelanjutan Internship Program
19. Lingkar Temu Kabupaten Lestari Internship Program
20. Wahana Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia Diet Kantong Plastik Internship Program
21. Indonesia Judicial Research Society (IJRS) Internship Program
22. Komunitas Konsumen Indonesia Internship Program
23. Indonesian Food and Drug Supervisory Agency Internship Program

Provide expert advice to government

Provide specific expert advice to local, regional or national government (for example through policy guidance, participation in committees, provision of evidence)

Lokal :

Nasional :
Konsultasi Publik Rancangan Undang-Undang Tentang Ibu Kota Negara di FHUI
The Ministry of National Development Planning of the Republic of Indonesia/National Development Planning Agency in collaboration with the Djokosoetono Research Center, Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia, collaborated to hold a Public Consultation on the Draft Law on the State Capital on Tuesday, December 21, 2021.

Evidence link : https://law.ui.ac.id/konsultasi-publik-rancangan-undang-undang-tentang-ibu-kota-negara-di-fhui/

16.3.2. Policy- and lawmakers outreach and education
Provide outreach, general education, upskilling and capacity-building to policy and lawmakers on relevant topics including economics, law, technology, migration and displacement, and climate change

16.3.3. Participation in government research
Undertake policy-focused research in collaboration with government departments

16.3.4. Neutral platform to discuss issues
Provide a neutral platform and ‘safe’ space for different political stakeholders to come together to frankly discuss challenges

16.4. Proportion of graduates in law and civil enforcement

16.4.1.  Proportion of graduates in law
Number of graduates
Number of total graduates from law and enforcement related courses

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