Student and Alumni

College life in Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia (Fakultas Hukum Universitas Indonesia – FHUI) is always dynamic. Student organizations in under graduate or graduate level are there to be the outlet for students’ talents and interest as well as to support academic activities. These organizations work together with the faculty to accommodate, develop and enhance students’ non-academic potential.

For under graduate program, Students Body (Badan Eksekutif MahasiswaBEM) is a student organization acknowledged by the Ministry of Education to accommodate student extracurricular activities. Besides BEM, Student Council (Badan Perwakilan Mahasiswa – BPM) consists of representatives who control BEM’s activities and passes students’ aspiration to BEM and the faculty.

Another student organization is Student Cooperation (Koperasi Mahasiswa – KOPMA) that becomes a platform for student entrepreneurship. Besides giving great benefits for students, KOPMA also gain great profit in each management period because of FHUI continuously growing market. Science Study Institution (Lembaga Kajian Keilmuan – LK2) is another forum for students who are interested in research and scientific study. In order to keep up with the latest legal development, LK2 holds discussions, seminar, and workshop for students.

Other student organizations ready to accommodate students’ hobbies are Press, Photography and Student Film (Pers, Fotografi dan Film Mahasiswa – PERFILMA) to channel students’ interests in arts and journalism and Asian Law Student Association (ALSA), an institution that provides place communicate and exchange information among law students throughout Asia.

Besides Independent Bodies (Badan Otonom – BO) mentioned above, under graduate program also has several Semi-Independent Bodies (Badan Semi Otonom – BSO) which in term of structure they are underBEM. BSO’s are organizations that can accommodate student’s interests in sports, science, moot court, art, and other interests.

Magister Ilmu Hukum (a graduate program specializes in Legal Study) has Magister Hukum Student Association (Ikatan Mahasiswa Magister Hukum – IMHH), an organization that accommodates students’ aspiration and academic activities to develop science and student creativity. While Notary Program has Notary Program Student Association(Ikatan Mahasiswa Magister Kenotariatan – IMMK) is an organization in graduate program especially magister program.

Undergraduate Program

  • Badan Otonom
  • Badan Perwakilan Mahasiswa (Student Council): consists of student representatives to control BEMactivities and to pass on student aspiration to BEM and the faculty;
  • Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa (Faculty Senate): student organization acknowledged by Ministry of Education to accommodate student extracurricular activities;
  • Lembaga Kajian Keilmuan (LK2): an organization for students who are interested in research and scientific discussion;
  • Koperasi Mahasiswa (KOPMA): an organization to accommodate student entrepreneurial skills with facilities such as kiosk/outlet that sell students’ daily needs from food to text books;
  • Pers, Fotografi dan Film Mahasiswa (PERFILMA): an organization to accommodate students’ interest in journalism, arts, photography and movie directing;
  • Asian Law Students Association (ALSA): an organization for communication and exchanging information among law faculties in Indonesia and Asia.
  • Badan Semi Otonom
  • Senantiasa Ramah Bernuansa Islami (Serambi): an organization to accommodate Muslim students in FHUI with activities such as Quran reading and discussion about the latest development in Islamic world.
  • Persekutuan Oikumene (PO): an organization for Christian students in FHUI to hold events like retreat, Christianity discussion, and so on;
  • Keluarga Mahasiswa Katolik (KMK): an organization for catholic students to hold events like retreat, community service, charity and so on;
  • Indonesia Law Debate (ILDS): an organization for students who are interested in debate competition related to legal issues;
  • Law Student Association for Legal Practice (La Sale): an organization for candidates of law school graduates who are interested in moot court activities and it is highly recommended for students who want to pursue career in litigation;
  • Business Law Society (BLS): an organization that focuses its activities on legal study related to business and economy. This organization is highly recommended for law school graduates who plan to be non-litigation advocates;
  • International Law Moot Court Society (ILMCS): an organization whose activities focus on moot court activities on international level and related to international civil and criminal legal issues;
  • Recht Football Club (RFC): an organization for FHUI students whose hobbies or talents are to work with football in small (futsal) or large soccer field.
  • Recht Basketball Club (RBC): an organization for FHUI students who have talents or are fond of basketball.
  • Indonesian Rechts Students Choir (IRS Choir): an organization for FHUI students who like to work on their singing talent in a choir. IRS Choir also often receives invitation from the faculty to sing in formal events in FHUI.
  • Law’s Art Performers: an organization that gathers FHUI students who have talents and interest in arts especially performing arts;
  • Darecho Badminton Club (DBC): an organization for FHUI students that have skills and talents in badminton, a sport that often represents Indonesia in international championship.
  • Law Table Tennis Club (LTTC): an organization for students who like to play tennis table;
  • Taekwondo: a martial art organization for students who like to know more about taekwondo

Graduate Program

  • Ikatan Mahasiswa Magister Hukum (IMMH) is a place to accommodate students’ aspiration and academic activities to develop knowledge and student creativity.
  • Ikatan Mahasiswa Magister Kenotariatan (IMMK) is a student organization to accommodate students’ aspiration to develop knowledge and student creativity.


Students of FHUI have booked a lot of achievements in various competitions on national and international level. Among others are:

  • Third Place Lomba Penelusuran dan Analisis Keputusan (Reviewing and Analyzing Decision Competition) – RI Constitutional Court (Mahkamah Konstitusi RI) and Fakultas Syariah dan Hukum(Faculty of Sharia and Law) Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung, March 20, 2014;
  • Second Place, Olimpiade Ekonomi Islam (Islamic Economy Olympics) – Universitas Negeri Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, March 20, 2014;
  • First Place, The 20th Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot 2013, Den Haag, March 23-38, 2013, on behalf of Prasetyo Pratama Sukirno
  • Second Place, Kompetisi Nasional Perancangan Peraturan Perundang-undangan (National Competition of Drafting Regulations) Fakultas Hukum Universitas Katolik Parahyangan, Bandung, February 15-17 on behalf of Anbar Jayadi, Luthfi Saputra, Mia Mentari Faroya, Fitri Amelina, Varida Megawati S.
  • First Place, Debat Hukum Tingkat Nasional (National Law Debate) Fakultas Hukum Universitas Katolik Parahyangan Bandung, February 15-17, 2013 on behalf of Annisa Noor, Andhika Putra Sudarman, Lidya Corry.
  • Champion of Indonesia National Round, Second Best Memorial of Indonesia National Round Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition 2013, Indonesian Society of International Law (ISIL) and International Law Student Association (ILSA), Jakarta, January 25-27, 2013 on behalf of Shafira Nindya Putri, Miftahul Khairi, Theodore Amarendra, Farah Nabila, Keiza Minar Paladina. Coach: M. Subarkah Syafruddin, Nico Angelo Mooduto, Tracy Tania, Marganda Hasudungan Hutagalung.
  • Best Oralist, Honorable Mention, Rank 67 out of 281 universities all around the world, Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court Competition 2012, Vienna, March 30 – April 2012, on behalf of ILMS, Prasetyo Pratam Sukirno.
  • Semifinalist, Best Oralist, 1st Champion of National Round ICRC IHL Humanitarian Law Moot Court Competition 2012, Hongkong, March 2012, on behalf of Fatiah Nabila.
  • Second Place, Kompetisi Nasional Peradilan Semu (Moot Court National Competition) Soediman Kartohadiprodjo Cup, Bandung, February 17-20, 2012 on behalf of Fajar Reyhan A., Delfi Hidayahni, Andanawari Satwika, Febriza Putri, M. Tanziel A.
  • Third Place, Kompetisi Nasional Debat Hukum (Law Debate National Competition) Mochtar Riady Cup, Tangerang, February 1-4, 2012 on behalf of ILDS.