Established in the early 20th century in 1909, Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia (FHUI) is the oldest law school in Indonesia. Since then, FHUI has become the place to prepare the best legal experts who play a decisive role, not only in building the legal system, but also in carving out history of the nation.

From FHUI, legal intellectuals are also born. As the nation’s oldest law school, there is no doubt that FHUI has contributed to the birth and development legal systems in Indonesia. Learning about legal systems in Indonesia at FHUI will feel like experiencing from the first hand on how the systems were made.

Many graduates of FHUI have left their foot-print in regional and international levels. Thousands more work as legal officials in in Indonesia’s judicial field, legal profession and legal academics of all time. As the only law school and universitie that bear the name of the nation, becoming a part of history has been a tradition for FHUI graduates. FHUI is more than just a mere law school, it is a tradition.

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