Undergraduate Program

Autonomous Organization

  1. Student Representative Body (BPM): The body is composed of student representatives who are in charge of implementing supervisory function of BEM and student aspirations to BEM and the faculty.
  2. Student Executive Body (BEM): As a student organization recognized by Ministry of Education, BEM accommodates extracurricular activities of students.
  3. Scientific Studies Institute (LK2): An organisation for students who are interested in the world of research and scientific discussions.
  4. Student Cooperative (KOPMA): An organization that promotes students potential in entrepreneurial facilitated with a booth / kiosk that sells a variety of student needs from food to college books.
  5. Students Press, Photography and Film (Perfilma): An organization to accommodate students’ interests in journalism, art, photography and film direction world.
  6. Asian Law Students Association (ALSA): An organization which provides a place of communication and exchange of information between law students in Indonesia law schools as well as in the Asian region.

Semi Autonomous Organization

  1. Senantiasa Ramah Bernuansa Islami (Serambi): An organization which becomes a forum for Muslim students in FHUI with activities such as lectures, studies on Islam and discussions on contemporary developments of Islamic world.
  2. Oikumene Fellowship (PO): An organization organizes religious students’ activities for Protestant students in FHUI such as retreats, discussions of Christianity and so forth.
  3. Catholic Students Family (KMK): An organisation for Catholic students in FHUI to organize activities such as retreats, social events and so on for its members.
  4. Indonesia Law Debate Society (ILDS): An organisation for students who are interested in debate competition of legal issues.
  5. Law Students Association for Legal Practice (LaSale): An organisation for students who are interested in moot court activities. Joining LaSale is strongly recommended for prospective law graduates who plan to become litigation lawyers.
  6. Business Law Society (BLS): An organization that focuses on the study of law in relation to the world of business and economic activities. Joining BLS is highly recommended for prospective law graduates who are planning to become corporate lawyers.
  7. International Law Moot Court Society (ILMS): An organization whose activities focus on international moot court activities including simulation, practice, training, and competition with issues of international law, both public and civil.
  8. Recht Football Club (RFC): A sport club for FHUI students who have a hobby or talent in football both on a small pitch (futsal) or a large field.
  9. Recht Basketball Club (RBC): A sport club for FHUI students who have a passion or talent to play basketball.
  10. Rechts Indonesian Students Choir (IRS Choir): An art club for FHUI students who want to train their vocals in a choir group. IRS Choir is also often invited by the faculty to perform in official events in FHUI campus that presents the choir.
  11. Law’s Art Performers: An art club that accommodates FHUI students who have the talent and interest in performing arts.
  12. Darecho Badminton Club (DBC): A sport club for FHUI students who have interest or passion for badminton.
  13. Law Table Tennis Club (LTTC): A sport club for students who have a hobby in table tennis sports.
  14. Taekwondo: A martial arts club in FHUI for students who want to deepen their taekwondo skills.