Student Organizations


Student life in FHUI is always passionate. A number of student organizations on Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs are available to accommodate a variety of interests and talents, as well as to support academic activities. These organizations work closely with faculty members to foster, develop and upgrade students’ non-academic potential.

For Undergraduate Program, Student Executive Body (Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa—BEM) is a student organization recognized by Ministry of Education to accommodate extracurricular student activities. In addition to BEM, Student Representative Body (Badan Perwakilan Mahasiswa—BPM), as the name suggests, composed of representatives of students in charge of implementing control function of BEM and student aspirations to BEM and the faculty.

Other student organizations in Undergraduate Program is Student Cooperative (Koperasi Mahasiswa—KOPMA) with the mission to promote student potential in entrepreneurship. Other than to provide great benefits to students by supplying students’ basic needs on campus ground, FHUI is a market that continues to grow therefore KOPMA has also enjoyed a sizable profit in every year. To accommodate scholarly research interest, there is Institute for Scientific and Study (Lembaga Kajian Keilmuan—LK2), a forum for students interested in the world of research and scientific investigation. In order to keep abreast of the latest legal issues, LK2 often organizes discussions, seminars and workshops for students.

To accommodate student interest in art and journalism, students may join Student Press, Photography and Film Association (Perfilma). Meanwhile, as a means of communication and information exchange among law students in Asia, Asian Law Student Association (ALSA) Local Chapter in Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia welcomes all students to take part.

Besides those Autonomous Agency (BO), in Undergraduate Program there are also a number of Semi Autonomous Body (BSO), which is structurally under the supervision of BEM. BSO accommodates a wide variety of interests of students in various fields such as sports, scholarly discussion, moot court practice, performing arts, and so on.

For Master of Law Studies Program, student union is accommodated in Master of Law Student Association (IMMH), a forum to channel aspirations and academic activities including development of scholarly research and creativity of students. Meanwhile, for Master of Notarial Law Program, students are welcomed to join Master of Notarial Law Students Association (IMMK), a forum for student organization with students activities preparing them for professional career and other interest.