Publishing Agency Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia

Publishing Agency Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia (Badan Penerbit Fakultas Hukum—BP FHUI) is a publishing agency run by Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia. BP-FHUI focuses on publication of books related to legal studies. Most of the books published by BP-FHUI are books written by academicians from Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia. However, BP FHUI also welcomes any researchers or authors to publish their books.

Besides the books, BP-FHUI also regularly publishes Law and Development Journal (Jurnal Hukum dan Pembangunan) every trimester.

Law and Development Journal

Law and Development Journal is a journal published by Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia. This journal has long been recognized and is the oldest law journal in Indonesia that first issued in August 1971 under the name “Majalah Fakultas Hukum Universitas Indonesia“ or “Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia Magazine” and since 1977 renamed into “Law and Development Magazine” until the end of 2004.

The title “Journal of Law and Development” itself was first introduced in January 2005 which was intended to reinforce and strengthen its existence as a scholarly legal studies journal in Indonesia. The new title is also expected to open the journal to legal community anywhere to discuss critical constructive minds and ideas to foster law and development. However as a professional journal, any article in Law and Development Journal is a personal opinion of its author and is not a representation of editorial or opinion of Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia.

Indonesian Law Review

Indonesian Law Review (ILREV) is an initiative of Djokosoetono Research Center (DRC) of Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia. The main purpose of publishing ILREV is to facilitate discussions, and accommodate both academic and professional (practitioner) prespective, regarding development on current legal issues in Indonesia and to publish innovative research related to legal studies and rule of law in Indonesia. ILREV publishes its reviews exclusively in English with the aim to expand the scope of legal discourses in Indonesia and to involve contributors in various parts of the world.

The discussion on ILREV fundamentally contains topics related legal institutions in Indonesia. The current legal issues is one of priority subjects to be published in ILREV. Scope of discussion contained in ILREV comprises of products of research and articles written by legal scholars from various disciplines of law such as civil law and public international law relating to the condition of Indonesia, as well as some of approaches in analyzing legal studies such as comparative law, law and economics, socio-legal and legal anthropology and many more. Discussion of a more specific law such as business law, technology law and laws related to management of natural resources is welcomed to be published in ILREV.

A list of specific issues recommendation from the editor will be published for each issue ILREV in April, August and December.

Indonesian Journal of International Law

International Journal of International Law (IJIL) is a journal managed by Research Institute of International Law (LPHI) Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia. Articles or other material contained in IJIL discussion focuses on the analysis of international law issues especially those directly related to legal system in Indonesia both related to public international law and international civil law.

IJIL board of editors is comprised of leading academicians of international law which are mostly academicians from the Faculty of Law of the Universitas Indonesia. This one factor actually boosts IJIL reputation as a prestigious journal in Indonesia in terms of international law analysis. Articles published in IJIL prioritized on the current discussion on the development of international law, especially with regard to legal system in Indonesia. Since 2009, IJIL has been acknowledged as an international journal by Directorate General of Higher Education Ministry of Education of the Republic of Indonesia. In this regard, publication of articles in IJIL is also available in English version to expand the opportunity for foreign contributors so that every journal issues by IJIL may reach wider audience of international law instigators from abroad who may be interested in legal issues in Indonesia.