Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia (Fakultas Hukum Universitas Indonesia—FHUI) is the oldest law school in Indonesia, established in early 20th century in 1909. Since its inception, FHUI has been the legendary law school that nurtures and fosters its students to be remarkable law scholars with prominent achievement, not only on developing legal system, but also on shaping the nation’s history.

From FHUI as well legal scholarship in Indonesia was born. As the oldest law school owned by the country, FHUI contribution to the birth and growth of legal and judicial system in the country is no doubt. Learning Indonesian legal and judicial system in FHUI will be just like experiencing the making of how those systems were established.

A number of FHUI alumni have proven their track records both on regional and international level. Thousand others of them have filled the strategic positions in Indonesian judicial institutions, law practitioners, and law academicians all the time. As the only law school and university that bear the nation’s name, becoming part of the nation’s history has been a tradition for FHUI alumni. Being more than just a law school, FHUI is a celebrated tradition.