Postgraduate Program

Message from Chairman of Postgraduate Program Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia

Postgraduate Program Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia (PPS-FHUI) is one of the oldest Legal Studies Postgraduate Programs in Indonesia. Today PPS-FHUI manages 12 (twelve) specializations and PPS-FHUI currently also is preparing the establishment of a new specialization on Law of Health and Social Welfare. At this time thousands of alumni of Postgraduate Program already graduated from PPS-FHUI. They spread in various sectors in the country and abroad. A number of graduates have occupied important positions in the government or in the private sector.

PPS-FHUI invites the best people of Indonesia graduated from undergraduate and / or postgraduate to join and pursue advance law education in our master program (S2) in FHUI. In the long term, we hope that the fruit of pursuing master degree in legal education will lead to the success of achieving Constitutional State of Indonesia, as aspired by the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia 1945 (UUD 1945).

Prof. Dr. Satya Arinanto, SH, M.H.