Parallel Class

Parallel Class or its official name is Parallel Undergraduate Program, in its history it began with the opening of extension course in 1960, which was intended for professionals who wanted to pursue their further education. Therefore, lectures were held in the afternoon, starting at 14:00 until 19:00 pm. In the beginning, lectures was held on the Salemba campus, then moved to a campus in Rawamangun and finally in Depok. The program was closed in 1988, but then was reopened in 1994 and renamed to Extension Program. In 2010, the program was discontinued due to the declining demand.

With the closing of Extension Program, now FHUI offers Parallel Undergraduate Program or Parallel Class which was opened in 2010 as a substitution for Extension Program. Parallel Class organized by Rector Decree of Universitas Indonesia No. 0090 / SK / R / UI / 2010 regarding Operation Permit of Parallel Class of Undergraduate Program Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia dated February 9, 2010. The program primarily aims to give opportunity for high school graduates, though without excluding the possibility of people in the workforce or professionals to pursue law education.

Unlike Extension Program, which only accepts students who are already working or high school alumni who are graduated more than three (3) years earlier, Parallel Class may also admit fresh high school graduates. In principle, Parallel Class has similar quality of education with Regular Class whether curriculum, study load, period of study and facilities; the differences are only concerning afternoon class schedule and amount of Tuition Fee and Admission Fee.

Lecture schedule for Parallel Class starts at 14:00 to 21:00 Indonesia Western Time on Monday to Friday. Graduates of Parallel Class are equivalent to Regular Class for both are formulated with the same curriculum.

Parallel Class is designed for students who are unable to attend the morning class. Regular Class normally begins at 8:00 in the morning, while Parallel Class starts at 14:00 in the afternoon.

High school graduates from Indonesia and overseas can be admitted in Parallel Class through Entrance Selection Universitas Indonesia (Seleksi Masuk Universitas Indonesia—SIMAK-UI). For more information please visit