Magister of Notarial Law

Master of Notarial Law Postgraduate Program aims to train and educate students to become Master of Notarial Law (Magister Kenotariatan—M.Kn) who possess proficient practical skills and knowledge of law, especially with regard to the field of notarial law and land / agrarian law, which is essential requirement in the profession of a notary and Land Deed Official (Pejabat Pembuat Akta Tanah—PPAT), in addition to the proficiency in applying all practical skills and knowledge of other legal professions such as lawyers, advocates, legal department in companies and so on.

Under the guidance of experts and professionals in their respective fields, Master of Notarial Law students will study a variety of essential materials such as the following courses: Agrarian Law, Deed Practice and Techniques, Contract Law, Guarantee Law, Banking Law, Corporate Law, Notary Profession Regulation, Land Registration, Insolvency Law, Auction Regulation, Inheritance Law, Tax Law and drafting various deeds.

Program Delivery

Master of Notarial Law Postgraduate Program opens opportunities for Bachelor of Law to pursue Master of Notarial Law Degree, whereas for Candidate Notary (CN) who attended educational programs or notarial specialist program may transfer the credits previously obtained. Eligible credit-transfer courses must be qualified as follows:

  1. the courses must include equivalent material to the subjects contained in the curriculum of Master of Notarial Law;
  2. the courses must be obtained 5 (five) years at the latest prior to registration;
  3. if the courses obtained from any university other than Universitas Indonesia, it must be accredited study programs;
  4. the number of credits that may be transferred to Master of Notarial Law Program is a maximum of 50 (fifty) percent of the total study load which is required to be taken in accordance with Master of Notarial Law Program curriculum.

Study Load

To graduate the program as a Master of Notarial Law (M.Kn), students must collect a minimum of 42 credits including a final thesis. Beside that, students are expected to be completed at least 4 (four) semesters or for 2 (two) years, and no later than 6 (six) semesters or 3 (three) years. For any students who apply for credit transfer, they are expected to complete the program least in 2 semesters.


Curriculum structure in Master of Notarial Law Program consists of (1) Compulsory Courses; and, (2) Electives. A number of courses in Master of Notarial Law Program require a prerequisite. A new course can be taken if student has attended lectures and exams of a prerequisite course. Detail of these prerequisite courses is available at respective curriculum table and course descriptions in the academic handbook. Lectures are held in the Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia campuses located on Salemba and Depok every Monday to Friday at 2:00 p.m. to 21:00 pm and Saturday at 08:00 to 15:00 pm.


  1. Discovery of Law
  2. Method of Legal Research and Writing
  3. Auction Rules
  4. Tax Law
  5. Land Deed Preparation Practice
  6. Notary Profession Regulation
  7. Land Registry
  8. Inheritance Law
  9. Personal and Family Deed Praparation Practice
  10. Guarantee Law
  11. Basics of Deed Making Techniques
  12. Deed Drafting Techniques I
  13. Deed Drafting Techniques II
  14. Agrarian Law
  15. Code of Conduct of Notary Profession
  16. Public Company Deed Preparation Practice
  17. Family and Marriage Property Law
  18. Securities Law
  19. Bankruptcy Law
  20. Selected Cases of Land Law
  21. Capital Market Law
  22. Intellectual Property Rights
  23. Deed Drafting Techniques III
  24. Company Law
  25. Banking Law
  26. Contract Law
  27. Adat Inheritance Law
  28. International Contract Preparation Practice
  29. Islamic Inheritance Law
  1. Syariah Islamic Banking Law


Selection for new student admission is held every semester. Fall Semester admission will hold lectures at Depok Campus, while Spring Semester admission will hold lectures at Salemba Campus. Prospective students of Master of Notarial Law Program are required to take and pass a written test organized by Universitas Indonesia, which consists of academic potential test and English proficiency test. Administrative and technical requirements of admission can be found on the website

For more information please contact:

Secretariat for Master of Notarial Law Postgraduate Program Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia

FHUI Campus Building E, 1st Floor 16424 Depok, West Java

Phone (021) 7270003 ex. 134

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