Doctoral Program of Legal Studies

Doktoral-768x512Education Vision

Doctoral Program of Legal Studies held by Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia has a vision to educate local graduates with international quality. Therefore, Doctoral Program has established extensive cooperation with foreign universities such as Maastricht University and Groningen University from The Netherlands, and University of Washington, Seattle, USA.

Program Objectives

Doctoral Program of Legal Studies aims to foster students to be graduated with these competences:

  1. developing their legal studies comprehension or professional practice in the field of law through research to produce innovative, original, and proven work;
  2. the ability to solve legal problems through interdisciplinary approach, multidisciplinary or transdisciplinary; and,
  3. the prowess skill to manage, lead and develop research that will benefit legal studies and people welfare, and recognized by national and international society.


For this academic year, Doctoral Program Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia holds teaching and learning activity through Lecture and Research (by course), which requires students to take compulsory courses and pass final examination of each course as follows.

  1. Philosophy of Law;
  2. Normative Legal Research Methods;
  3. Empirical Legal Research Methods;
  4. Method Dissertation Writing; and
  5. Theory of Criminal Law, Economics, Constitutional Law and Administrative Law and Islamic Law.

Program Stages

Students are expected to collect credits from courses with the following stages.

  1. Structured Courses (18-22 credits);
  2. Research Proposal Examination (6 credits);
  3. Final Research Examination (8-10 credits);
  4. Submit one (1) scientific research paper with the respective student as the primary author to be submitted for publication in international journals indexed in the database of international journals or 2 (two) scholarly research papers that have been published in nationally accredited journal or four (4) scientific research papers published in the proceedings (8 credits). Proof of submission of journal publications is mandatory prerequisite of Doctoral Promotion Examination; and
  5. Doctoral Promotion Defense (6-8 credits).

Study Period

Doctoral Program is expected to be completed in 6 (six) semesters up to ten (10) semesters, although it is also possible to finish the program in four (4) semesters. Students who fail to complete the study period within the maximum of ten (10) semesters will be discontinued from the program (Drop Out).

Doctoral Program students who are the recipient of scholarships from institutions / agencies such as BPPS / BPPDN are obliged to pay the same amount of non-scholarship tuition fee for the remaining incomplete semesters after their scholarship period has ended.


As one of the oldest Doctoral Programs in Indonesia, currently Doctoral Program of Legal Studies has four (4) areas of concentrations, namely:

  1. Economic Law;
  2. State Law (Constitutional Law and Administrative Law);
  3. Law and Criminal Justice System;
  4. Islamic Law and Studies.

Faculty Members

Professors on the faculty members of Doctoral Program of Legal Studies Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia among others are as follow:

  1. Dr. Jimly Assidiqie, S.H., M.H.
  2. Dr. Satya Arinanto, S.H., M.H.
  3. Harkristuti Harkrisnowo, S.H., M.A., Ph.D.
  4. Hikmahanto Juwana, S.H.,LL.M., Ph.D
  5. Dr. Rosa Agustina, S.H., M.H.
  6. Dr. Dra. Uswatun Hasanah, M.Ag.
  7. Erman Rajagukguk, SH., LL.M.
  8. Dr. Felix O. Soebagjo, SH., LL.M.


Students must meet the requirements below to be accepted as doctoral program students Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia:

  1. Graduated from Undergraduate Program (S-1) with bachelor of law degree and master degree (S2). Prospective students who do not possess Master of Law (S2) background, are required to follow the matriculation courses held at Master Program Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia which worth 10 (ten) credits. Prospective students are required to pass the matriculation courses upon commencing Doctoral Program;
  2. Passed Academic Potential Test (Tes Potensi Akademikā€”TPA) with minimum score of 550 or GMAT with minimum score of 550 or the GRE with minimum score 550 which the score is valid up to one year after the test date;
  3. Passed TOEFL test with minimum score of 500 or IELTS with minimum score of 5 or pass an English proficiency examination held by Universitas Indonesia;
  4. Having obtained GPA of a minimum 3.00 from Master Program;
  5. Submit recommendations from two (2) professors related to the topic of dissertation research plan;
  6. Submit 1 (one) papers published within 1 (one) year prior to enrollment;
  7. Submit a recommendation letter to pursue Doctoral Program from Dean or Rector for tenured faculty member or from employer for prospective students from government agencies;
  8. Submit Financial Guarantee from the institution or funding agency or sponsor that commissioned the prospective students to take doctoral program, alternatively prospective students must submit a copy of their bank account statement showing the available and adequate funds to finish Doctoral Program;
  9. Complete and collect all of the requirements in registration form of Doctoral Program admission website;
  10. Pass the interview examination conducted by Testing Team from Doctoral Program Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia. The interview will include: Comprehension of Legal Studies, Draft (Proposal) of Dissertation; Reasoning; and Research Methodology.

Prospective students must submit online application through

For further information regarding Doctoral Program of Legal Studies please contact:

Secretariat for the Postgraduate Program Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia

Jl. Salemba Raya No. 4, Jakarta 10430

Phone (021) 31909008

Fax (021) 39899148