Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia (FHUI) is one of the oldest law school in Indonesia. Through its direct or indirect influence, FHUI has contributed to development of Indonesian people for more than a century long. Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia has been grooming and fostering thousands of alumni that hold a number of strategic roles at national and international level. One example of alumni contribution for a national level is one of the founding members in establishing Constitutional Court in Indonesia who then concurrently became the first Chairman of Constitutional Court of Indonesia. In international level FHUI also contributed its alumni who became the pioneer for the development of international law, which one of them is regarding exclusive marine zone issue for archipelagic state.

Among many high profile alumni who have been graduated from Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia, of course, it requires a means of connectivity to accommodate exchange of ideas and contribution together. In that sense, Alumni Association of Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia (ILUNI FHUI) was established so that familial and contribution spirit of the alumni can be facilitated.

ILUNI FHUI had a long history which started around the beginning of the 60s, with its first Chairman Djukardi Odang. Who then handed the leadership to Martojo Koento who led ILUNI FHUI until 1969. In 1975, ILUNI FHUI led by Netty Amaludin until 1985. Next, ILUNI FHUI led by Soeleman Ardjasasmita until General Assembly in 1988 which set Harjono Kartohadiprodjo as Chairman. In General Assembly 1994, Sugarda Widjayas was elected as Chairman and then was succeeded by Minang Warman in 1999. With the passing of Minang Warman in 2004, Arief Surowijoyo was appointed as Acting Chairman. In 2005 General Assembly, Mas Achmad Santosa was elected as Chairman and was succeeded by Chandra Motik Yusuf in 2008. In General Assembly 2012, Melli Darsa was elected to lead ILUNI FHUI for 2012-2015 term. Currently, ILUNI FHUI is chaired by Ahmad Fikri Assegaf who has assumed the leadership in 2015 and will serve his term until 2018.

ILUNI FHUI has been running as an organisation to gather FHUI alumni from various professional fields and establish intensive communication in order to maintain and improve a sense of togetherness among the alumni. This spirit is reflected from the enthusiasm of FHUI alumni in attending events both in gathering events and in discussion forums. This shows ILUNI FHUI has significant role in connecting inter generational alumni that spread in many sectors in Indonesia.

ILUNI FHUI board of management promotes to optimize synergy of FHUI alumni through better network empowerment and information exchange, therefore ILUNI FHUI will be able to answer the needs of entities connected to FHUI. To support these ideals and in line with the development to facilitate the alumni to stay in touch, contribute and get information, ILUNI FHUI is always improving and developing ways to better connect FHUI alumni.