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A Visit from Tunas Indonesia Senior High School

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Wednesday, November 6 – Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia receives a visit from Tunas Indonesia Senior High School. Students that majority in class 12, visit FHUI to learn more about college life and study program in FHUI. The students accompanied by a teacher. This visit is a regular event held by FHUI to introduce the campus environment that they will go forward in.

During the activity, they were invited to review the FHUI profile through a video, which was then explained by the speakers, namely (Academic Manager): Wahyu Andrianto, S.H., M.H., and Djarot Dimas, S.H.In the presentation, it can be concluded that FHUI was the first choice as the most favorite Law Faculty in Indonesia. So that prospective students have the optimism of high employment prospects because of the large access and breadth of the profession in the field of law.

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