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2017 has come to the end and 2018 will be coming. This provides an opportunity for us to be able to improve ourselves and prepare a strategy in answering FHUI challenge in the future.

A change in leadership is a common thing, hence since 20 December 2017 I was trusted to become Dean of FHUI Period 2017-2021. So many progresses have been achieved in Prof. Dr. Topo Santoso, S.H, M.H.’s leadership, a fight that must be continued as a mandate from the big name of FHUI as the oldest and most respected law faculty in Indonesia.

It is time for FHUI to bring itself to international arena, therefore it takes a lot of effort from all elements of academic community, lecturers, students, educational staff and of course alumni, which is a large capital unity of FHUI in carving its name at regional and global level. The challenge faced is no longer how FHUI can produce highly competitive graduates at the national level but whether FHUI is able to forge graduates who can compete internationally and bring FHUI’s good name.

FHUI experts should be able to provide their views in solving various problems that exist through research activities, community service and scientific writing. Means of conveying opinion (advocacy) must be formed so that the contribution and real role of FHUI legal experts can be delivered to any related parties whether requested or not, therein lies the function of academicians to realize “Law as a tool of social engineering”.

As Dean, I expect active participation of all academic community in advancing our beloved FHUI to be recognized at the regional and global level, and preparing FHUI graduates to be able to work well in the development of the world community.

Let us welcome the Year of 2018 with a burning spirit and tireless effort, may all of our efforts will make us proud.



Prof. Melda Kamil Ariadno, S.H., LL.M., Ph.D.

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