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Community Service: UI Cares About Halal Certification in Tanah Gayo, Aceh

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Community Service Team of Universitas Indonesia held a halal certification for the arabica coffee farmer at Tebes Lues village, Bies, Aceh central, on 11 September 2019. This event can be carried out in collaboration between the University of Indonesia and The Institute for Food, Medicine and Cosmetics Study of the Ulama Consultative Council of the Province of Aceh (LPPOM MPU Aceh) and supported by Aceh Agriculture Department.

As a means to support the implementation of a halal product guarantee system which was initiated by the central and regional governments, The University of Indonesia, represented by the Lecturers of Law Faculty, and Faculty of Economics and Business, along with Law Faculty Students, conducted counseling activities and mentoring halal certification registration to all farmer groups in Kampung Kopi, Tebes Lues Village which is the only tourism village in Central Aceh District being developed as a center for coffee and tourism in Aceh Province.

Considering the loss that will be obtained from the non-certified halal Gayo Arabica coffee product, the University of Indonesia community service team provided assistance in registering halal certification which is expected so that the whole process of growing and processing coffee can meet all aspects of the halal product. Then the service team also hopes that the quality of the coffee will be followed by an increase in the volume of coffee sales which will certainly increase the economic level of coffee farmers in Tebes Lues Village.

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